About Us

Our Story

When Lock City Home Center opened in 1903, our family-run construction business did everything from build trusses to build houses. The ledger books show that some customers paid for their goods and services in chickens and other livestock. Purchases were often delivered by the four horses and mule that made up Lock City’s fleet.

With time, things progressed: if you had a question, you could call our shop using your telephone to dial the store’s number, 8. Our services changed too – no longer supporting the burgeoning railroad industry, we shifted our focus to custom homes. Lock City people would craft and glaze windows too, completing the builds themselves from the foundation up.

Today, Lock City Home Center is a convenient hardware store where residents of Sault St. Marie and nearby areas can find everything from lumber and power tools to paint and plumbing supplies.

Our Commitment

A lot has changed since Lock City’s founding in 1903, but many things have stayed the same because of our steady commitment to our founders’ values:

Quality Products

There are some brands we don’t stock because if it didn’t work well for us, we’re not going to sell it to you. When you browse our shelves, you can shop knowing that every product you see is one we stand behind.

Fair prices

We bring the products people need closer to where they live so that a “quick” trip to the hardware store doesn’t mean a three-hour drive. It costs us a little more to bring materials out to Sault St. Marie, but we strive to keep our prices aligned with big-box stores because we don’t believe that convenience should come at a cost.

Exemplary service

If you come in knowing what you need, that’s great! We’ll find it for you and send you on your way. If you come in with questions or sorta-kinda ideas, that’s okay too. Our associates and managers, many of them with decades of construction experience, will help you find the tools and materials you need to complete your project.


Generally speaking, you won’t find any part-time employees or seasonal workers at Lock City Home Center. We believe it’s our responsibility to keep our workers employed year-round with the benefits their families rely on. Lock City Home Center is more than a place to buy lumber – it’s a fixture in our community – and we believe in strengthening that community by treating our workers fairly.

If you want to learn more about Lock City Home Center or have questions about the products we carry, contact us online via email or give us a call at (906)-635-1571. We know it’s not as easy to remember as our original phone number, 8, but you also don’t have to wait for the horses to deliver your purchase.

Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Contact and Directions
499 Spruce Street
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783